Obniżka! LEGAL THEORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF LAW: <br>Towards Contemporary Challenges

Andrzej BATOR
Zbigniew PULKA (ed.)

ISBN: 978-83-7383-680-8

Miejsce wydania: Warszawa

Rok wydania: 2014

Liczba stron: 246

Uwagi: English edition

Oprawa: miękka

Format: A-5

Towards Contemporary Challenges

The book we offer to our readers is devoted to the main problems of contemporary theory and philosophy of law. As the authors state in the preface, “Of course, the present situation of general legal sciences is far from being unique. These sciences have always been sensitive to the trends and standards governing their environment, first and foremost in the area of the humanities and social sciences. This tendency may also be observed today. It finds its expression in, among other elements, the expansion of different so-called critical theories (philosophies) usually identified with postmodern thinking. On the other hand, there are theories explicitly competitive with postmodernism and attempting to apply in legal research methods elaborated within cognitive sciences, mainly in linguistics or psychology„.

The Authors:
Andrzej Bator, Przemysław Kaczmarek, Stanisław Kaźmierczyk, Andrzej Korybski, Leszek Leszczyński, Lech Morawski, Krzysztof Pałecki, Zbigniew Pulka, Adam Sulikowski, Jerzy Zajadło, Marek Zirk-Sadowski.

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