Journal of Public Governance 1 (59) 2022

Stanisław Mazur (Red.)

Place of publication: Warszawa

Year of publication: 2022

Number of pages: 70

ISSN: 2956-6061

Journal of Public Governance 1 (59) 2022

Table of Contents:

Janusz Nesterak, Bernard Ziębicki


Agnieszka Skoczylas-Tworek

A Review of Research into the Phenomenon of Fraud and Abuse in the Modern Economy: The Scale of the Problem and the Prospects for Counteracting

Janusz Nesterak, Damian Majkowski

Structuring Management of the Post-Merger Integration Phase in the Buy-and-Build Model: The Case of a Private Network of Integrated Healthcare Entities

Sylwia Krzyżek-Liburska

Polish Higher-Education Institutions in International Cooperation: Evidence from the European Union Framework Programmes

Javier Jorge-Vázquez, Sergio Luis Náñez Alonso, Konrad Kolegowicz, Jarosław Kaczmarek

Technological Entrepreneurship and Rural Development: A Binomial to Combat Depopulation in Spain

Yuliya Idak

A Vision for Recovery Models of Ukrainian Cities

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