Zarządzanie Publiczne 4 (58) 2021

Table of Contents

Frits M. van der Meer, Gerrit S. A. Dijkstra
Incentives and Obstacles to the Public Sector and Civil Service Reform: A Conceptual Analysis

Paulina Kubera
Mechanism-Based Explanations in the Impact Evaluation of Public Interventions: Digging Deeper into Why and How Programmes Worked or Failed to Work

Seweryn Krupnik, Anna Szczucka, Katarzyna Lisek
The Effects of Supporting Business Innovation and R&D Activities from European Union Funds in Poland: A Review of Evaluation Studies

Stanisław Wieteska, Maria Węgrzyn, Małgorzata Jeziorska
Sleep Disorders as a Safety Issue in Transport and Communication Largely Not Appraised by National Health Policies

Katarzyna Obłąkowska, Artur Bartoszewicz
Policy Towards the ‘Auditorium Culture Sector’ in Poland in the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Mechanisms of Restrictions and Support with Public Funds, Including State Aid

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