Policy, employment, integration

With the aim of providing insight into Polands prospects of becoming a country of net immigration, this book explores essential aspects in development of immigration processes, focusing on the country’s migration policy, and issues of employment and integration of foreigners. The book fills a niche in migration literature, uncovering the key drivers of inflow of immigrants to Poland. Its unique value is built upon empirical analyses based on up-to-date statistics and a variety of data sources collected in the Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw within the last decades.
Comprehensive analytical work demonstrated in this volume will prove to be attractive to a wide array of readers. In particular, it can serve as a textbook for courses on international migration, politics, regional and cultural studies, especially in cases where Central and Eastern Europe and enlargements of the European Union are in focus. Moreover, a number of recommendations addressed in the book may be an invaluable source of inspiration for policymakers at both national and EU levels.
The Authors:
Marta Anacka, Marta Biernath, Maciej Duszczyk, Agata Górny, Izabela Grabowska-Lusińska, Anna Janicka-Żylicz, Paweł Kaczmarczyk, Ewa Kępińska, Marta Kindler, Magdalena Lesińska, Marek Okólski, Anna Piekut, Renata Stefańska, Maciej Szczepański, Monika Szulecka.

36.86 zł

autor: Agata GÓRNY
Magdalena LESIŃSKA
Marek OKÓLSKI (eds.)

format: B-5
ISBN: 978-83-7383-375-3
liczba stron: 269
miejsce wydania: Warszawa
oprawa: twarda
rok wydania: 2010
uwagi: 1st edition

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